Sapiat Helps You Rise to the Challenge

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Changing business dynamics can present real and often unforeseen challenges and opportunities. We specialize in stepping into difficult situations and helping firms like yours prevail, providing key support through sound merger and acquisitions strategies that are focused on creating success rapidly and efficiently.


We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor with aggressive expansion plans and a strong desire to establish physical locations in select markets coast-to-coast. We are actively searching for serious Sellers in each of our target markets and entrepreneurs who desire the opportunity to Merge and convert their practice into a fast growing business.

We have a very long list of national markets we would like to enter. Each was identified through a stringent screening process, followed by careful due diligence.


We will quickly make a reasonable purchase offer of upfront cash, equity, or a combination thereof for your practice or book; your choice. We will not drag out the process or offer you a high risk, protracted buy-out based upon an unknown future cash flow.


We are 100% Fee, but will also work with those professionals whose book is a Combination (Fee & Commission) or 100% Commission and who are willing to convert to 100% Fee.


We are open to establishing a new relationship with your custodian(s) and do not require that you repaper your book & place assets with one of our custodians.


We offer a guaranteed Base Salary + Quarterly Profit Sharing Bonus + Benefits.


We have an established business model and a defined business plan. We know what we want and we know what markets we want to enter. With a written due diligence process and professionally prepared legal documents in hand, we are able to move quickly from initial conversation through due diligence to closing and transition.


We are highly interested in:


  • Independent Firms
  • Bank Owned Firms
  • CPA Owned Firms
  • Attorney Owned Firms
  • Competitors Employees
  • Considering Retirement
  • Considering A Career Change
  • Considering Relocation
  • Dissatisfied With Current Employer
  • Desire to Capitalize Your Book
  • Just About Any Good Reason


We are a financial planning based discretionary asset manager working exclusively for Individuals, Families, and their Trust & Business’. Our focus is Generation X, but due to our intergenerational strategy, our customer list also includes a large percentage of Baby Boomer & the Silent Generation. We offer our customers an “All-In Fee”, meaning their fee covers financial planning, asset management, & electronic reporting. One-Off projects can be completed for a Fixed-Fee or Hourly Charge.


We have serious plans for multiple markets & want to visit with you. Call or e-mail to begin a no obligation, no pressure conversation about how we might work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence. If you are not an independent owner of 100% of your business, we strongly recommend using a non-work telephone number, email address, & computer to communicate with us.



Whether your small bank or CPA firm seeks to grow, you’re overwhelmed by managing employee transitions, faced with recruiting and retention challenges or tackling administrative and capitalization opportunities, Sapiat offers solutions that help you reach your goals. Rather than establishing independent investment or RIA firms that leave ownership with a loss, we can help you increase profitability through recurring business and refocusing resources on primary lines. A prudent sale or referral agreement can accomplish your goals for little to no cost.


The independent advisor model faces increasingly complex challenges as issues of regulatory hurdles, succession and industry demographics come into focus. Acquisition could be the answer to securing a future for your business. Sapiat can help you navigate through every challenge with proven success.


RETIRING INDEPENDENT ADVISORS: Whether you are an independent advisor who is retiring or one who simply wants an opportunity to enjoy up-front cash and a higher income potential, Sapiat can help you enjoy the investment you have made in your practice. Without a legacy plan in place that identifies a successor or buyer who can relieve the burden of ownership, focusing on the lifestyle you want can be difficult. Sapiat helps resolve succession issues through acquisition agreements structured to allow retirement quickly or over a longer period to secure an equitable future.


INDEPENDENT ADVISORS CHANGING CAREER AND LOCALE: When experienced business owners or restless mid-career professionals feel inspired to pursue other passions, Sapiat can help. Through up-front cash offers with short transition periods, we can help resolve successor and liquidity issues and pave the way to that new career in a short amount of time. And, in our highly transient society, relocation is a frequent challenge for small business owners facing successor and liquidity issues. Sapiat can offer cash up-front with short transition periods to allow you the flexibility to relocate relatively quickly.


INDEPENDENT ADVISORS SEEKING LIQUIDITY OR CAPITALIZATION: Professional practitioners often have the bulk of their net worth tied up in their practices, denying themselves access to their own wealth and the quality of life it might afford. Improving on the uncertainty of a cash sale at fair market value, an up-front cash offer combined with high earned income can allow you greater access to the lifestyle you desire.


INDEPENDENT ADVISORS WITH SMALL MARGINS AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHALLENGES: Sapiat specializes in handling administrative functions that divert your time and attention. Through acquisition of your business, Sapiat can offer you the option of a guaranteed salary, bonuses and unlimited income potential as an alternative to less than ideal business conditions.


Sapiat believes employees should be compensated for the value that they bring. By buying your book, we can help you eliminate economic frustrations and create an attractive alternative to building a book of little benefit to yourself.


EMPLOYEE DISSATISFACTION: Research consistently shows that most advisors are giving serious thought to changing employers. Why settle for a long payout period on a transition bonus worth only a fraction of your book? Sapiat can make your transition profitable by offering you the full value of the book you’ve built through an upfront cash offer.


EMPLOYEE CAPITALIZATION: Employees who have built business for their employers are often eager to capitalize on their success, but may not desire the independent advisor route or complicated, confusing and small broker-dealer payout schedules. A Sapiat buyout could net you 2x, 5x, 7x, or maybe even 10x, your TTM.


EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT: Having built value for their employers throughout their career, many employees desire retirement but are faced with walking away with only a tiny percentage of that value. Sapiat can offer the entire value of the book you have worked hard for, without lengthy and unfair payment schedules or the hassle of becoming an independent advisor.


EMPLOYEE SUCCESS: Sapiat is committed to helping employees reach their potential throughout the process. Key to every acquisition is the retention and training of all employees to the company’s high standards of operation and technical expertise.


Your business is unique, with challenges that deserve unique solutions. Sapiat Asset Management has the experience to help you understand the challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve your goals. Because we understand the sensitive nature of beginning this conversation, we encourage you to use a non-work, personal email account to get in touch with us. All communication will be held in the strictest of confidence to ensure your privacy.