Together we can build on your success. At Sapiat, we excel at working in partnership with attorneys, bankers and CPAs to complement and enhance the services you are able to offer your clients. Both of us have the same core values. Both of us are solid in our commitment to put the client’s best interests first. When we work together, your expertise in your field and our comprehensive asset management experience, tools and resources can take your offering of services to the next level.


We are 100% client-focused.

To be clear, when you team up with Sapiat, you are our client. Our fiduciary responsibility is to you first and then your client, in that order. We will never do anything to harm the relationship you have with your client. Our goal is to be an out-sourced team member working behind the scenes to create a plan, strategy and portfolio that complements and supports what you have already put into place. That gives you an edge in solidifying your relationship with your client.


Let’s agree to agree.

A Professional Referral Agreement can go a long way in giving you confidence in knowing you can refer your clients to a firm you trust to help you build on your existing client relationship. Properly structured, this agreement offers you another source of income with little or no cost. In turn, the agreement can generate new business for you as we often need to refer our customers to talented professionals. It is a win-win for all concerned.


Support for Attorneys
Whether your practice specialty is in trust or estate planning, Sapiat Asset Management can add considerable value to your practice. Our comprehensive lineup of asset management services include:

  • Estate analysis and planning
  • Trust services
  • Business succession strategies
  • Comprehensive financial plans
  • Balanced investment portfolios
  • Ongoing management and rebalancing of investments
  • Personal guidance and answers to questions
  • Clear, comprehensive and up-to-date reporting Intergenerational financial planning
  • Sudden wealth strategies
  • Customized portfolios

Support for Bankers

There is no substitute for experience. Sapiat Asset Management professionals have a strong background in the banking industry. With our expertise, we can assist by complementing the services you offer. We can:

  • Incorporate lending solutions as part of a long-term financial plan
  • Manage assets to help customers qualify for large loans and strengthen balance sheets
  • Provide personal guidance and answers to questions
  • Offer financial planning, estate planning, education planning and trust services
  • Encourage customers to consolidate all of their personal and commercial banking with one institution

Support for CPAs

Sapiat has extensive experience in providing individuals, families, small-business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives with objective asset management guidance through partnerships with knowledgeable CPAs.

This guidance can include:

  • Intergenerational financial planning
  • Business succession strategies
  • Estate investment settlement
  • Trust services
  • Record-keeping services
  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Sound investment portfolio strategies
  • Ongoing management and rebalancing of investments
  • Answers to account-related questions
  • Clear, comprehensive and up-to-date reporting
  • Tax-efficient investment strategies and portfolio management
  • Second opinions and reviews of financial plans, strategies, portfolios and ERISA plan designs