We’re working with your money and our work directly affects your life. We want to make sure that we don’t accidentally miss or overlook anything. We use Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Checklists for everything from the largest projects to the smallest details. We always know what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, how we’re doing it, why we’re doing it, and who we’re doing it for. While other companies prefer to shoot from the hip and see what happens, we think your life deserves better than that.


We Don’t Guess.

We don’t guess or assume anything. We ask questions. We research the economy and the markets. We attend professional conferences. We read journals. We scrutinize companies. We calculate answers. This is your life and you deserve better than a guestimate.


One Size Does Not Fit All.

At Sapiat, we don’t try to pound square pegs in round holes. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that everyone is unique. You have your own unique history, your own unique present, and your own unique vision of the future. We will learn everything we can about you, then use our considerable professional skills to craft a custom financial plan specific to you.


We’re Not Yes Men.

We are always honest and straightforward. We’ve even been accused of being blunt. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


At Sapiat, we firmly believe in objectivity. We will tell you exactly what we see and exactly how to proceed; even if it’s bad news or a sensitive subject.


And we don’t mince words. This is your life and you have asked for our advice. We want you to understand precisely what we are saying so you can make a good decision. We won’t be rude or impolite, but we will be direct.


If you’re looking for someone to agree with every financial flight of fancy you have or someone to dance around a tender subject, then we’re not for you.


Customers For Life.

We’ve set high standards for ourselves and we want to exceed your expectations. Satisfied is not good enough. We want you to be happy. Happy with our work. Happy with your plan. Happy with your investment portfolio. And most of all, happy with your life. Our goal is for you to be so happy with us that you become a customer for life

We will use our discretion to manage the day-to-day aspects of your investments according to your financial plan. We’ll provide you with quarterly statements, online account & financial plan access, and a mobile app. We’ll schedule ourselves to regularly review your financial plan and check-in with you by telephone or email, beginning Discovery all over again. And of course you are welcome to call us anytime you have a question, concern, or need.
Where are you at?
How did you get here?
Where do you want to be?


We take time to talk with our customers so we fully understand their goals & concerns. We don’t use meaningless questionnaires or slick sales presentations. We’re just people talking to people about life. Only when it is determined that you are a good fit for us & we are a good fit for you will we ask for financial information.
The Sapiat Financial Planning Process
The Sapiat Financial Planning Process
We will present your financial plan to you, explain our reasoning, answer all of your questions, and we’ll do it in plain English you can understand. If we are both on the same page, we will open accounts, transfer assets, accept deposits, and do everything else necessary to begin our relationship.
One size does not fit all. You are unique, with a unique past, a unique present, and a unique future. We will take everything we know about you and apply our professional knowledge & experience to create a financial plan unique to you.


Our Discovery process is a little different. This is where we get to know each other. We want to know who you are. Where are you now and how did you get here? Where do you want to be and when do you want to be there? What are your hopes and dreams, your fears and concerns? We’ll have a conversation, just two people talking about life. We’ll tell you about ourselves, how we do business, and answer all of your questions.


Only after we both agree that we’re a good fit for one another will we begin asking for confidential financial information. If for some reason we aren’t a good fit for you, we’ll do our best to refer you to another professional we think could help.


It took you decades to get where you are in life. You deserve more than a few minutes of cursory questions, meaningless questionnaires, and slick sales presentations.



Once again we are different. We insist on doing your financial planning before we do anything else. There is no other way for us to know what you need to do.


We will organize all of the information you’ve given us, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. Using our considerable experience and extensive tools, we will craft a financial plan specific to you and your highest priorities. Once we’re happy with our work, we’ll meet with you again, present our ideas, and answer your questions.


We don’t see any reason to deliver several hundred pages of industry jargon, complicated graphs, and high-level math. This is something you need to understand, so everything will be in plain, simple English boiled down to a short, easy to understand document.



Once we both agree on a plan and course of action, we will prepare paperwork to open and fund accounts. All you have to do is sign and we’ll take it from there.


We’ll let you know when the dust settles, enroll you in online access, walk you through how to use our customer portal, and even go over your first statement with you.

The Sapiat Investment Management Process



Just like our Discovery process, our Management is different from what you may have experienced elsewhere. Our competitors may try to pigeon hole you into a box and slap a meaningless label on you. Conservative. Moderate. Growth. These terms don’t mean anything. Your attitudes towards risk change over time. Conservative investments can become high-risk and vice-versa. So why do it? We prefer to manage according to your financial plan. After all, your hopes and dreams aren’t to be Conservative, Moderate, or Growth. Your dreams are something else entirely and your financial plan tells us how to help you achieve your dreams. It just makes sense.


We always keep a close eye on the economy and markets using our proprietary dual research process. Our process begins with top down economic analysis, searching the globe for potential risks and potential opportunities. Once we have identified those risks and opportunities, we begin constructing asset allocation by geography, sector, and industry. From there we move on to bottom-up company screening, searching for the best companies and good prices. We will then populate our desired allocations with our highest conviction ideas. And the process never ends. The economy and markets are ever changing, so our process must be never ending.


We will also schedule ourselves for regular internal reviews of your financial plan and portfolio in relation to our opinion of economic and market conditions. When our review is complete, the Discovery process will begin anew when we contact you with a summarized version of our review, highlight how you are progressing towards your goals, and answer your questions.


It is a perpetual process. As fiduciaries we must always do what is best for you and that requires us to constantly monitor your plan and communicate with you.