Digital Assets and Blockchain

Are Digital Assets Right For You? 

At Sapiat Asset Management our sole focus is and always has been on helping our clients achieve financial independence. We know each client is unique and we strive to help you make the best decisions in your financial life. 

We specialize in working with our clients to create customized comprehensive financial plans so that a clear picture of what their financial future could look like comes into focus. 

Investing in digital assets may or may not be right for you. We are happy to explain the potential benefits and drawbacks of investing in this highly volatile market.

What Are Digital Assets & Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are forms of digital assets that use cryptography to secure their transactions and to control the creation of new units. A blockchain is a technological ledger that uses a system of decentralized computers to create and track digital records, or assets. Assets that are tracked can include tangible or intangible items, such as: property, cash, patents, NFT’s (non fungible tokens), and of course digital currencies, Bitcoin being the most recognized. 

Because blockchain technology is decentralized, meaning there is not one central authority that controls the data, it is considered immutable. The information and data on the blockchain ledger cannot be altered, adulterated, or hacked. 

The movement of an asset (either tangible or intangible) creates a “block”. This “block” is connected to the “block” before it and the “block” after it. This forms the “blockchain”. Once a blockchain is formed, new “blocks” cannot slip in between the existing chain of “blocks”. The entire blockchain is transparent to the decentralized network, thereby making it tamper-evident.

Blockchain and Crypto Are Not Passing Fads

In 2021, 106 million people worldwide were using cryptocurrency exchanges. While there are still things to learn about crypto and its place in our economy, there’s no denying that more investors are becoming interested in owning cryptoassets, making it an investment option worth considering. 

Finding an Advisor Fluent in Blockchain and Digital Assets

Sapiat Asset Management was one of the very first retail RIA’s in the country to register to offer direct cryptocurrency. 

We’ve invested in the technology, resources, and partners necessary to directly invest in cryptocurrencies for our clients. 

We utilize a well-planned blockchain and digital assets research process, a carefully constructed portfolio, and have a well-defined investment discipline. 

Blockchain is a paradigm-shifting disruptor. There are multitudes of ways to invest in blockchain and digital assets, but because it is a brand new technology investing in it requires specialized knowledge.

Investing in Digital Assets

Sapiat Asset Management offers direct cryptocurrency investing and cryptoequity investing. 

We utilize a well-planned research process, a thoroughly constructed portfolio, and a well-defined investment discipline.


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